Famous in history for the bloody battles between the Goths and the Byzantines, Serrapetrona is little more than a village that spreads along the north-west bank of the Caccamo lake and the city of Tolentino. It is a charming small village nestled in the Monti Azzurri (Blue Mountains), in the heart of the Macerata area, on the right side of the stream “Cesolone” .

Serrapetrona contains interesting beauties both from the artistic and historical point of view and offers the possibility of beautiful walks along the banks and slopes of the surrounding hills.
Serrapetrona contains vestiges since the high Middle Ages (the term itself Serra is of Lombard origin and indicates a fortified town with functions of a defense barrier at the beginning of a valley Petrona).

Among the various artistic remains, deserve to be mentioned : the wooden and silver crosses of Gothic age by Cecco da Camerino, the frescoes of the Giotto-Rimini school, the altarpieces and the most valuable altarpiece by Lorenzo d’Alessandro and the Crucifixion by the Camerino School , by Giovanni Angelo di Antonio in the Churches of S. Francesco and S. Lorenzo; the “museo dell’uomo” (Museum of the Mankind) with tools and materials used by the ancient peasant tradition and hosted in some rooms of the restored castle of the Lombard age.

And if the visitors want to combine excellent food and wine with the natural and artistic beauties, they can choose between the excellent restaurants and the widely recognized Vernaccia di Serrapetrona d.o.c.g. , a sparkling wine, unique for its quality, its characteristics and tradition are appreciated throughout the whole national territory and beyond.

Every year it is held the magic and unique event “Appassimenti Aperti” (Open grapes drying), the charm of this event is unique especially for the opportunity to visit the “Appassimenti” (Open grapes drying), the places that the ancient tradition has handed down: the grapes are left to dry for months before going on with the processing; a custom that the peasant civilization has transmitted and that today is renewed thanks to advanced techniques. “Appassimenti Aperti” is a unique opportunity to admire the extraordinary walls of bunches of grapes and to visit the wineries.

Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG

Vernaccia di Serrapetrona

The Guaranteed and Controlled Designation of Origin (DOCG) certification of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona is reserved for the dry and sweet sparkling wine types. The autochthonous Vernaccia Nera grape is the main ingredient of this wine and it may contain a maximum of 15% of other red grapes. Vernaccia di Serrapetrona is usually sipped with desserts as it enhances the flavours of dry baked goods and biscuits. Until the early 1900s, during rural festivals it was customary to prepare corn polenta seasoned with sapa and sparkling Vernaccia. Another favourite paring is with spicy and semi-hard cheeses with a medium fat content, but also with more substantial meats, boiled meats with sauce and fruit chutneys.
The production area includes all of the area of Serrapetrona and parts of the Belforte del Chienti and San Severino Marche areas. The maximum yield from the vineyard must not exceed 10 tons per hectare.

Serrapetrona DOC

This wine is made using Vernaccia Nera (black vernaccia) (min. 85%) grapes and 15% of it may be composed of non-aromatic red grapes. The importance of this wine comes from the uniqueness of the Vernaccia Nera, recognised as an autochthonous varietal from the Marche. This wine has a very complex structure and goes well with various types of meat, including game. It also pairs well with pasta in tomato sauces, like pappardelle in wild boar sauce, as well as with seasoned pecorino cheeses. Serrapetrona wine is made in areas which include the entire Serrapetrona district and parts of the territory surrounding Belforte del Chienti and San Severino Marche.