“A crown is just a hat that lets the rain in. These words spoken by Frederick the Great demonstrate modesty. It was without any pomp and circumstance, yet with discipline, that the king steered the course of Prussia in the 18th century. His wishes were those of a simple man: to be without a care, sans souci. And so he had Sanssouci Palace built between 1745 and 1747 overlooking the famous vineyard terraces. The summer residence became his favourite place, a haven he would retreat to alone with his dogs in difficult times. He was even reluctant to have minor repairs carried out – as the palace was his and should ‘only last for my lifetime’.”

Fortunately, this wish was not granted. Sanssouci Palace is still standing in all its splendour. The rooms have been preserved in their original condition with all their elegant and stylish furnishings. And the spacious park with all the other palace buildings, such as the New Palace, New Chambers Palace, Chinese House, orangery and Charlottenhof Palace, is more beautiful and striking than ever.

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