In via della Maddalena a few steps from Pantheon in Rome, you can find, in a Lindt shop, a wide variety of light chocolates and all varieties of dark chocolate.

In addition to the regular specialities, the Lindt store also has a station with The Maitre Chocolatier Lindt that produces original chocolate creations. You can even have a go at personalising these with your favourite ingredients. With over a hundred types of treats to pick from, including gelato, sweet-toothed Romans and tourists alike come here to bask in chocolate indulgence.

Lindt also offers ice-cream and a variety of chocolate-based hot drinks. Recommendations include the Varesino, a milk chocolate classic complete with froth and dark chocolate shavings.

“We chose the historic center of Rome and more precisely the characteristic Via della Maddalena, not far from the Pantheon, to allow all the Romans and the many tourists to live the ‘Lindt Experience’ in this location so fascinating” (Fabrizio Parini, CEO of Lindt Italy in Gambero Rosso magazine)

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