The Legendary Harry’s Bar the only place that evokes the “Dolce Vita” as if it were an image from the film, creating a flashback in the era of Via Veneto, when Frank Sinatra was playing the piano and the stars made their appearance in this American Bar full of glamor and style.

Harry’s Bar Rome was founded in 1959, will be known only in 1962 but the club already existed since 1918. It was the pastry Golden Gate also quoted in numerous books. In the late 20 became part of the family De Gasperis until 1958 precisely when it became American Bar Restaurant.

This is the place in Rome that many people love and visit every year for the glamour and exclusive lifestyle. This is the street of the famous movie “La Dolce Vita” of Federico Fellini and the Harry’s Bar was the scene of the original Dolce Vita.

In the 50s and 60s, the coffees of Via Veneto were filled with eminent personalities of international renown. Today many snapshots testify of that time. The golden age of the  “Dolce Vita” was held in the eponymous film by Federico Fellini and received a Golden Palm at the thirteenth Festival in Cannes. Via Veneto was always like a catwalk filled with stars of magnitude Anita Eckberg, Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, Liz Taylor, Charlton Hasten.

The paparazzi filled newspapers with their snap shoots, reporting from scandals, drunks and brawls. Thus via Veneto became the “Hollywood of the Tiber” and turned into a showcase of worldliness for producers, actors and directors. Today you can still find these coffees, as well as a majority of the shops and restaurants that have brought it so far that the Via Veneto has become the CD ”First Avenue” of Rome. The restaurants offer the opportunity to dine on the street or in elegant interiors with conservatories.

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