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Chioggia’s fish market

Fish market in Chioggia, Italy

“A red spot behind the ancient city barn: it’s the fishmarket. The colour of the city is red: red is the sunset on the lagoon and the dawn on the sea. Red stand the houses, between ochre traditional sails. Red hot is the temperament of its crabby inhabitants. Red are the barboni (mullets) and the freshly captured fish. Red is even the retail fishmarket: the light sifted by its covering protective sheet paints red the banks and the atmosphere inside.
(source: Turismo Venezia )

Fish market in Chioggia, Italy

The current Fishing Market was inaugurated in 1960; it is still a technically valid construction, built on the Isola Cantieri between the two canal ports of Lusenzo and San Domenico and connected to the translagoon bridge which connects Chioggia to Sottomarina thanks to the melioration of a short stretch of the canal. It covers approximately 11.000 square meters, 5.000 of which are covered by a large central pavilion, two large open air interchanges where the fishing boats moor directly from the canal’s ports, three new two-floor apartment blocks, placed at the Market’s entrance, house the Management offices, the Market’s Counter, refreshment bar, the offices of the Veterinarians and the Security Service, the meeting room, the porter’s caravan, the hygiene services.

Fish market in Chioggia, Italy

The fact that Chioggia’s Fish Market contemporaneously markets both local as well as imported products makes it particularly interesting to shopkeepers, even to those coming from distant areas. Today all the species and a variety of fresh, conserved, frozen, deep-frozen, processed, smoked, dried and packaged products are marketed within the Market, coming from all the Countries in the World.

The market is an obliged passage for the ambiental and custom quality it contains. The little chapel under the barn was attended by believers and conoisseurs: its walls are covered by votive elements, wax candles, photo and objects to remember the victims of the sea.