The Antico Caffè Greco is a historic landmark café in Rome. It is the best known and oldest bar in Rome.

Some of the most charming, antique cafes here include Antico Caffè Greco, located in elegant Via dei Condotti, and considered to be Italy’s oldest after Caffè Florian in Venice.

Founded in 1760, Caffè Greco owes its name to its Greek founder, Nicola della Maddalena. A stomping-ground for both foreign and Italian artists and intellectuals since the 19th Century, and a common haunt for both high society and the cultural set of the 1960s and ‘70s, Greco counted such patrons as Schopenhauer, Liszt, Stendhal, Wagner and Welles.

It was also the subject of a number of sketches and paintings in its day; today they decorate the locale’s walls, thus rendering it one of the largest private art galleries open to the public in the world. Clients can enjoy the Caffè’s excellent coffee and ambience while admiring its more than 300 works.